Bergamo: 6 - 7 June 2024

The partners of interzum forum italy will animate the institutional and industry trend focuses. Here you will find a preview of the speakers who will take part in the interzum forum italy.

Haute Innovation

“There are three major #trends in the transformation process towards a sustainable furniture industry. Firstly, there is a need to reduce carbon emissions from the production, delivery and use of furniture. Whether hemp fibers, paper pulp or cellulose-containing agricultural waste: in recent years, numerous material innovations have come onto the market that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 99%. Circularity is the other big trend in the interior and furniture industry. In the future, almost all resources and materials used will move in closed cycles and be used again and again. A central aspect in this context is the use of monomaterials, natural and bio-based materials, as they support the circularity of the entire process. The avoidance of plastics and composite materials is the third major trend in this context.”

Sascha Peters, Prof. Dr., founder and owner of the agency Haute Innovation

“Materials, surfaces and finishes are becoming more and more important in furniture production and are thus increasingly becoming the unique identity of top design from Italy. In this context, companies, universities and innovation centres are carrying out advanced research, exploring new fields of application and developing complex materials and technologies to meet the constantly growing demand. This multifaceted design environment is strategic to ensure the success of Italian brands and their recognised qualities. It is therefore necessary to further promote awareness and training in relation to tangible and intangible design culture.”

Anna Barbara, Board of Directors’ President of 


The CSIL Observatory, partner of interzum forum italy, has found that, in the two-year period 2021-2022, the furniture industry in Italy recorded exceptional growth, of over 20% in current values compared to 2019, reaching over 20 billion euros in value in 2022 with excellent performances on the domestic market and in exports. Following this extraordinary growth, we are now witnessing a physiological slowdown also due to a weakened global scenario. To cope with the current context of declining demand and still high prices of raw materials and components, Italian furniture manufacturing companies aim to invest in research and product innovation, seizing the opportunities arising from the transition to digital and sustainability. In this regard, a recent survey by CSIL highlights how the majority of Italian furniture manufacturers have already undertaken the path towards the green transition by investing, both in terms of sustainability of production processes and product development. These and other topics will be discussed at the interzum forum italy on 6 and 7 June 2024.


Osservatori Digital Innovation del Politecnico di Milano

"Objects connected to the domestic scenario of our homes and capable of breaking down barriers between the physical and digital worlds are spreading more and more. In the future, consumers expect complete integration between smart devices installed in the home, capable of setting up scenarios in full autonomy also with the help of artificial intelligence. No less important is the ability to pay for objects and furniture on the basis of actual use and to implement and integrate connected devices into furniture systems. We are experiencing a real revolution in living."

Giulio Salvadori, Director of the Internet of Things Observatory