Bergamo: 6 - 7 June 2024

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Quarterly international specialised magazine, perfect and complete information channel targeted to the furniture companies about manufacturers of components and accessories, technology, hardware, materials, fittings and services for the furniture field. Since 1995 it has been the extract of companies’ activities contributing to design and create parts that will then lead entire collections to furnish homes, offices and social and hospitality areas.



DDN is an international design magazine that for more than 30 years, has been telling, exploring, investigating and reporting design projects, products and markets from all over the world. Always translated into English, DDN can rely on a comprehensive and specialized mailing list, constantly updated, consisting of Italian and foreign players. Always present at fairs and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, DDN publishes everything is and makes design, in every corner of the world.


Divisione Contract

Divisione Contract is an international quarterly magazine, dedicated to the world of contract:  from the hotel trade to the residential, from the nautical to the retail, from the office to the public establishment. Aimed at designer architects, general contractors, companies operating in the sector, Divisione Contract tells about architectural projects, designer works, as well as material products, components for contract furniture, news from the reference exhibitions and interviews with the sector's protagonists. Divisione Contract is also published online for free on and and promoted through our Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.



E.F.S. PUBLISHING GROUP has been serving the woodworking machinery, forest products, decoration, interior design, furniture, office, and kitchen-bath-ceramic industries since 1999 in Turkey, with publications such as AĞAÇ MAKİNELERİ (WOODWORKING MACHINERY), LAMINART(FURNITURE & DECORATION) , OFİS DÜNYASI (OFFICE WORLD), and (MUTFAK BANYO SERAMİK) KITCHEN BATH CERAMIC magazines.



A printed and digital quarterly publication, about World of Habitat (wood, furniture and related), which offers all type of information about  the Sector  . With a national and international readership, El Sector has become the ideal vehicle for reaching the objective public of the world of the Habitat. In addition, the digital edition is sent to more than 27,000 addresses and the printed edition is present at the main Hábitat trade fairs and events.


Furnishing Idea

Furnishing Idea is a newspaper and web portal that has been active for over 10 years dedicated to the furniture and interior design industry.

Furnishing Idea has an online presence via a B2B web portal and social networks and targets industry professionals with its two annual print and digital editions of the magazine. Furnishing Idea is dedicated to the furniture industry, contract, furniture shops, architects, designers and craftsmen who want to stay up-to-date on products, innovative technologies, industry news and get in touch with manufacturers.


Furniture & Joinery

Furniture & Joinery Production is a respected media title for the UK furniture and joinery sector. Established in 1994, it offers an impressive monthly print publication, authoritative website and trade directory, plus digital assets including a weekly newsletter and social media platforms. UK furniture and joinery manufacturers have come to rely on these important sources for information and inspiration and we have a strong loyalty factor with both our readership and advertisers. With a long-term, sustainable vision, Furniture & Joinery Production is the leading marketplace for suppliers of machinery, equipment, materials, fittings and components looking to enter the UK market.



Bimonthly international specialised magazine about lighting: contemporary products, advanced technologies, fascinating projects and companies’ and professionals’ ideas. It is the ideal magazine to closely  appreciate the panorama of light, through the most accredited and reliable information. Since 1982 it has been one of the technical leader publications about lighting, also appreciated by professionals who can get to read about exclusive products and projects.


Italy Export

Since 1984, the principal objective of Italy Export has been to put Italian manufacturers in contact with importers, distributors, and managers in large-scale distribution abroad.

Aware of the high level of Italian output, which combines creativity, good taste and design, and of the need for the right support for promoting in foreign markets, Italy Export supports the magazines with the web portal and social media to continue the promotion of the Italian production all over the world.




The magazine aims to chronicle the entire furniture supply chain, ranging from the research and production of materials and components to the production of furniture, its distribution and the design of residential, retail and office space.

The magazine's editorial content is punctuated by the daily update of and its related database of DESIGNERS - REALISERS INVESTORS - SUPPLIERS.

Four issues per year, bilingual, dedicated to the domestic market, with an eye on international development, coming out at major industry events and fairs.


Meble Materiały i Akcesoria -

Meble, Materiały i Akcesoria
Our monthly magazine has been published in Poland continuously since 1999. It is aimed at both the technical staff and management of Polish furniture manufacturing plants and joineries. The magazine presents the latest accessories, materials, semi-finished products, machine models as well as woodworking and ligniform processing tools.
It is the only internet medium for woodworking and furniture professionals which not only provides expertise, but also offers the possibility of presenting and promoting companies, products and services. addresses the major issues concerning woodworking and furniture production.

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The magazine Officelayout, founded in 1984, covers the themes of design, furnishing and management of office spaces and buildings, through in-depth analysis of technical aspects, products and the market for their use.
The magazine pays particularly close attention to the issue of sustainability and the major impact of the spread of new ICT solutions on the office environment.
The publication is also active in the organization of conferences to create direct contact between supply and demand, establishing a relationship between building design, office layout and the world of ICT.
The readers fall into two professional categories:

end-users who in the financial, banking, insurance, industrial, commercial and governmental sectors are in charge of technical divisions or the management of different facility spaces: Facility Managers, Energy Managers, Security Managers and Purchasing Directors;

all those specialized professionals who operate as the link between supply and demand on the market: design studios, distributors and specialized dealers



The rapid pace of technical development has not does not stop at the carpentry industry. New machines, materials and techniques demand more knowledge and skills at all levels. We deliver with the SchreinerZeitung the information, background and solutions! The SchreinerZeitung is the most important Swiss trade journal in the magazine in the woodworking industry. With the SchreinerZeitung advertisers reach more decision-makers than with any other wood trade medium. SchreinerZeitung in brief
- Weekly publication (47× per year)
- 4 large editions (1× architects, 2× carpenters, 1× woodworkers) per year with 4000 additional contacts
- 1× per month: "Lehrziit", the special pages for apprentice carpenters
- Contents and advertisements reach around 23,000 active professionals
- Content: News, technical articles and everything worth knowing about developments in everyday professional life and in the wood industry
- Extensive supplier directory, carpenter agenda and job market
- All news and additional information also available at
- Entire content, including advertisements, also available to subscribers via app as e-paper
Take the chance and place advertising for your company, for your products and your services in the SchreinerZeitung!



Founded in March 2016, Ten minutes - Diy & Garden is the benchmark online magazine for professional information in the do-it-yourself and garden markets and in the world of modern distribution. The idea of the web portal is that of big platform that can be consulted at any time to collect information on any topic, brand or sign interesting for your work, with a minimum time commitment of 10 minutes.



The specialist magazine Wohnkultur provides interesting insights into the diversity of living. In addition to reports and illustrations from international furnishing trade fairs, tips and suggestions for business management as well as legal advice are published.

The main focus of the editorial reporting of the specialist magazine Wohnkultur is designer, take-along, style, bedroom and living room furniture, carpets, bed linen, floor coverings, home and house textiles, curtains, cloakroom and anteroom furniture, white goods, kitchen appliances, kitchen furnishings and furnishing advice, Living ideas, accessories and lights complete the editorial environment.

You can find all this and more six times a year in the specialist magazine Wohnkultur, the only Austrian specialist magazine for the furniture and interior design trade.

The magazine Wohnkultur is reporting about

  • the national and international furniture market,
  • furniture industry and large businesses,
  • Interior furnishings, carpets and wallpaper,
  • Trade fair innovations from home and abroad,
  • Training, sales and business management.