Bergamo: 6 - 7 June 2024

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Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo

Ascom Confcommercio Bergamo was born in 1945 and grown around the needs of Bergamo companies. The association, which represents entrepreneurs in trade, tourism and services and is open to the world of professions and nurseries, offers comprehensive assistance and advice for all problems right from the very first moments of activity.
It is part of the large Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia family, the largest business representation in Europe, representing over 700,000 companies with almost 2.7 million employees. The Confederation values the role of the tertiary market sector, the true engine of the national economy, in national institutions.



Assofermet Ferramenta gathers in Italy the dealers of hardware distribution. The association is the meeting point of wholesalers, distributors and retailers of different sizes, able to represent the strength of the Italian hardware and tools in the entire industry chain.


Camera di Commercio Italo-Germanica (AHK Italien)

The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Italien), based in Milan, is the official representation of the Germany economy in Italy.
We act on behalf of the German Ministry of Economy and Climate to promote the economic relations between Italian and to give voice to the needs and interests of the German-Italian business community.


CDO Bergamo

CDO Bergamo was born at the end of the 1980s, out of the caring experience of the Solidarity Centres: a group of friends who was used to get together to help those in search of work. The initial idea is developed and takes shape in Article 1 of the Statute and over the years, more than 6,000 companies have placed their trust in the project, leading CDO Bergamo to grow and become an institutional entity represented in the Board and Council of the Chamber of Commerce.


Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo

Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo was founded in May 1945, is the leading trade union organisation in the province of Bergamo for the protection of craft enterprises.

The primary purpose of the organisation is to carry out trade union actions for the protection of the collective interests of craft enterprises and of the Craftsmen in general. 

Another task is the support for the more than 14,000 member entrepreneurs, providing concrete assistance and specific support to craftsmen in all sectors in solving the problems that are a daily feature of business life.



CSIL is an independent research and consulting company founded in Milan (Italy) in 1980, with a core business unit specialized in furniture and furnishings industry studies, offering a wide range of services in response to specific needs. CSIL Furniture Market Research monitors over 100 markets, gathering data on the furniture sector as a whole and sub-segments: Upholstered furniture, Mattresses, Office & Workplaces, Contract furniture, Outdoor furniture, Kitchen furniture, Bathroom furniture, and Wood-based panels. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the entire furniture value chain, CSIL supports companies, public institutions, and trade associations in their process of selection and analysis of market opportunities on a global scale and in the formulation of development marketing strategies.




Osservatori Digital Innovation del Politecnico di Milano

In 1999, the Digital Innovation Observatories of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano were established to raise cultural awareness in all the main areas of digital innovation. Today, the Observatories provide an expert point of reference for digital innovation, integrating Research work, Communication and Continuous UpdateAccording to the vision driving the work of the Observatories, digital innovation is a key element of a country’s development.  The mission is to create and spread knowledge on the opportunities and the impact of digital technology on companies, public authorities and citizens through interpretative models based on sound empirical evidence combined with spaces for independent, ongoing, and precompetitive discussions aimed at bringing together the demand-and offer-sides of Digital Innovation.

Website!, founded by Politecnico di Milano in 1999, is a university institution of acknowledged excellence that represents a unique research and post-graduate, professional and business training centre.
Together with the School of Design and the Department of Design, it forms the Design System of the Politecnico di Milano, an aggregate of resources, skills, structures and laboratories, among the most important in the world. offers training programs for young graduates and professionals - specializing Masters and Executive Courses designed to explore the culture of design at 360° - as well as services for companies in the field of training.
It works with the perspective of internationalization, establishing purpose partnerships from time to time with universities, schools, institutions, corporations and companies around the world.


Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) is a young public, state-funding, academic institution, established in 1998, strongly committed towards higher education, research, and innovation. With about 1107 teachers and researchers and 836 administrative and technical staff, UNIMIB has a wide training offer, with 32 Bachelor’s Degree courses, 34 Master’s Degree courses and 5 Long-cycle Master’s Degree courses. Out of the 38.000 enrolled students, about 2500 are international, favoured also by an intense mobility programme featuring Erasmus students from all over Europe and exchange ones all over the world.
This is complemented by 19 PhD programmes in 7 subject areas, with a dedicated Doctoral School fostering interdisciplinary studies, cross-subject skills, international student exchanges and a wide range of services and opportunities.
UNIMIB since its foundation established a strong commitment to foster innovation, between its missions Technology Transfer has always had a role of paramount importance, and this is reflected by the collaborations and projects with the industrial ecosystem on the territory characterized by several examples of successful initiatives and results and reciprocal esteem and recognition between UNIMIB and big industrial players.